Passes for Vermont Attractions

Vermont Attractions Passes Available: ECHO Pass, Vermont State Park, Shelburne Farms, Vermont Historic Site Pass, Vermont History Museum , Shelburne Museum

Checkout this PDF document that lets you know all the details of the fun places and   … how many people, times and dates of all the fun places to visit.


Check out their websites for more fun… Vermont Historic Site Pass, Echo Pass , Vermont State ParksShelburne Farms and Vermont History Museum in Montpelier, VT, Shelburne Museum 

The Library policy for the passes is as follows:

Passes will be issued for 3 days. They must be returned to the library, via the book drop, prior to the beginning of the next library day. Patrons are encouraged to drop the pass into the book return drop box on their way home from visiting the attraction.

Patrons may reserve the pass for a specific day by calling at least one week prior to the date. Otherwise the pass use will be on a first come first served basis.

Parental guarantee for return/payment for pass is required for those under 18. Parents must come in and sign an agreement.

Library card must be presented in the name of person picking up the pass. No exceptions will be made.

There will be a fine for the late return of a pass.

A patron who has lost a pass will be sent a registered letter stating: loss of library privileges and late fees per day owed until pass is returned or paid for. The library will consider the pass lost if not returned in one week.

A replacement fee for a lost pass will cover the cost of purchasing another pass.



Vermont State Parks pass:

Late fee will be $20.00 / per day

Replacement fee will be $80.00

ECHO Pass:

Late fee will be $10.00 / per day

Replacement fee: $12.00

Shelburne Museum Pass:

Late fee will be $10.00 /per day

Replacement fee will be $100.00